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Temperature monitoring

COVID-19 Antibody and PCR Testing

Return-to-work protocols

COVID-19 safety training

Thermographic scanning

Clinician placement

On-site medical services

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Our Services
Our Temperature Monitoring Programs

Start to finish professional consultation on best practices for setting up your companies customized monitoring program.

Fully Managed.

Dedicated Management.

No Stress.

  • Fully managed and operated by Mobile-Med staff

  • Program built by occupational health physician
  • Dedicated account manager

  • Includes all documentation

  • Video staff safety training

  • Senior level phone management access and oversight


Best Practices.

Plug and Play.

  • Program documentation and guidelines for employee monitoring stations.

  • Online safety video training.

  • Employee training documents and certification.

  • HR guidelines to minimize liability and ensure regulatory compliance.

  • Employee exposure risk questionnaires.

  • Process and documentation review.

  • Discounted ongoing support from our specialists.

COVID-19 Testing

We've partnered with the top performing, most reliable national laboratories to provide convenient and fast testing results.

  • Testing Available:

    • Antibody

    • PCR

    • Rapid antibody- results in 15 minutes

  • Customized program to suit your worksite and employee count.

  • Fully managed program with professional medical staff.

  • Follow-up recommendations and test interpretation instructions provided.

  • Testing for antibodies for early response as well as previous infection.

  • Pricing models based on employee count and staffing needs.

Thermographic Cameras

Temperature screening. Fast. Efficient. Cost-effective.

As more businesses look to streamline and cut costs on mandatory temperature screening requirements, thermography scanning has emerged as the most efficient way to accomplish this.

There is a sea of technology to navigate, leaving a mixed bag of reliability and accuracy.

We've done the research so you don't have to.

Why we chose our partner:

  • 0.5 degree accuracy

  • 0.1 second temp read time

  • No contact device

  • Turn-style or secure entry point integration

  • Cloud software metrics and reporting available

  • Starting at $2500/unit