• Dean Frieders

COVID-19 Best Practices in Flux?

As we saw in the news today, the COVID-19 recommendations coming out of the Centers for Disease Control are in flux, as the CDC first released a set of new recommendations discussing airborne transmission, and then hastily withdrew them. For companies trying to manage their COVID-19 response internally, it can seem an impossible task to stay ahead of the changing recommendations, especially when they change so quickly!

For our clients and partners, the task of staying ahead of the changing recommendations is simple--we monitor trends in regulations, recommendations and best practices, and we work with our clients to provide concise, practical policies that they can implement as a component of their efforts to build a safe workplace. We work to protect your personnel, and your bottom line. Our suggestions are grounded in the latest science, and our team of experts works hard to provide an understandable context for the changing regulatory terrain.

For more information on how Mobile-Med can help you navigate the changing world of COVID-19 response, contact us today!

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