• Dean Frieders

COVID-19 Vaccine Research...and Don't Forget Production!

Our team of experts continues to closely monitor the news and developments regarding COVID-19 vaccines. As indicated in our recent post on flu-shots, a rigorous vaccination program can be a key to maintaining a healthy workplace. With COVID-19, once an effective vaccine is developed, distributing the vaccine and implementing a broad immunization program will be critical to overcoming the pandemic and returning to normalcy.

We stay at the forefront of virus research as we want to help our clients implement a responsible vaccination program as soon as possible! However, we are also tracking data from industry groups such as the World Economic Forum, who are noting concerns about the prolonged manufacturing process for vaccines and limited production capacity that is available in the manufacturing pipeline. Vaccine production typically takes 6-36 months once a formulation is agreed upon, and 70% of that timeline is quality control for the process and production. More recently, the World Economic Forum expressed concern that "current manufacturing capacity may not be enough to support a global COVID-19 vaccination program."

What does this mean for our current actions? It means that while we are optimistic about vaccine production, it is also critical that we implement and maintain responsible COVID-19 response programs to ensure healthy workplaces, while we wait for the rollout of a safe, effective vaccine. The timeline for when a vaccine will be developed and available in full scale is not yet known, but the efforts to keep our workplaces safe from the pandemic are not nearing their end.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can implement best practices for COVID-19 monitoring and mitigation, and be prepared for whatever comes next!

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