• Dean Frieders

(How to) Wear a Mask!

We have all heard information about the effectiveness of masks in reducing the spread of COVID-19. Masks can be an incredibly effective tool for reducing the hazard of COVID-19 in workplace settings...when properly selected and deployed. Fortunately, some of the clearest and simplest recommendations on COVID-19 mask selection and usage come from the CDC's website.

The CDC provides helpful suggestions on mask selection, including what kind of masks you should and should not look for:

And what kind of masks you should avoid:

Masks should fully cover your mouth and nose, and shouldn't have gaps around your face. If you're wearing the mask in any other way, it's not effective.

Finally, the purpose of a mask is to try to capture airborne particles that could contain infectious disease. For this reason, we treat a worn masks as being potentially contaminated. Since it is potentially contaminated, there's a safe way to remove the mask:

For reusable masks, follow manufacturer's instructions for cleaning and sanitization. For disposable masks, make sure you dispose of it fully within a garbage can. If possible, cut the ear loops with a pair of scissors before you dispose of the mask, to prevent accidental reuse, and to avoid potential environmental concerns.

For more information on how to properly deploy masks at your workplace, or hear about other low-cost, high-effectiveness solutions, contact our team of experts today!

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