• Dean Frieders

PCR? Antibody? IgG/IgM? What's it all mean?

National media has recently included a significant amount of coverage regarding different types of COVID-19 testing and its effectiveness. Virology, serology, polymerase chain reaction, nucleic acid amplification, nasopharyngeal, anterior's hard to know what the various tests mean unless you're a physician!

As businesses are tasked with ensuring a healthy workplace during the pandemic, managers are often faced with potential workplace outbreaks and must consider what types of testing, if any, are appropriate for their needs. If you have a group of employees fall ill with COVID, should you implement testing for other employees who were in close contact? If you do implement testing, what type should you use?

At Mobile-Med, we approach this issue like we approach all of our occupational health services. We break down the technical data into readily accessible and understandable options, so that you can make an informed decision and keep your workplace safe. Meet one of our Nurse Practitioners, Brianna, who can tell you a little bit about the difference between antibody testing and PCR testing:

Do you need to learn more about how various testing options impact your business operations and the health of your employees? If an employee wants to return to work with a clear antibody test, does that mean they don't have COVID-19? We work with our client partners on issues like this every day. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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