• Dean Frieders

Planning for the future: Is COVID temporary?

From the outset of the COVID-19 pandemic, it was evident that this disease was unlike some other infectious disease challenges that the world has faced in recent years. Today, roughly nine months into the pandemic, the United States has seen nearly 200,000 deaths and millions of infections. Yesterday, the Director of the Centers for Disease Control indicated that widespread distribution of a vaccine in a fashion that will enable a return to normal social behaviors likely won't happen until the third quarter of 2021--many months from now. That means that we face months of additional COVID-19 outbreaks and precautions before this pandemic is over.

Looking forward, once the COVID-19 pandemic ends, what will change in our workplaces and societies? With the impact that this one disease has had on our industry and commerce, will we ever fully return to pre-COVID status? Looking at that question differently, had companies deployed some basic infectious disease control practices in the pre-COVID days, would this pandemic have been as bad as it is?

At Mobile-Med, we are bringing on new clients constantly, as the companies we partner with realize that they will be working through COVID-related issues for months to come. We provide best practices recommendations based on diligent study (and application) of programs across many public and private industries. We provide employee screening tools and staffing, and we also provide access to affordable, fast COVID-19 testing.

We are also working with our clients to implement sustainable, cost-effective long term changes in how they operate, so that they can be better prepared to respond to--or avoid--the next pandemic.

COVID-19 will be overcome, and we must be prepared for the next issues that challenge our healthy workplaces. Contact us today to find out more about how you can be proactive.

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